How Self Storage Works?

Self-storage facilities provided by Guardian Self Storage are usually rented out on a long-term basis, typically for periods of one year to five years. They are ideally used by companies and people as temporary storage facilities where they can safely store their personal belongings and assets for such a long period. This makes it possible for them to avoid the expense of storing such things as vehicles and boats until they require them. This also means that they do not have to go to storage facilities where they could be forced to stay for a much longer period of time than they would like, such as during the winter. Another advantage is that they provide safety and security to your possessions when you are unable to look after them or when you are moving house.

There are many different types of self-storage units available, all offering different features, charges and benefits. They are usually classified according to the size of the unit and the number of units that are in the building. Many offer “cardboard” units, which are the most common but also the cheapest ones to rent. Other types of units may offer steel units, white units and others depending on the size and features of the unit. There are also a variety of climate controls provided, as well as burglar alarms.

Most self-storage facilities use plastic, wooden, or metal lockers in order to protect the items that are inside the unit from being damaged by the weather or worse, by people who have ill intentions. The locking mechanisms are usually provided by the rental process provider. In case of damage to the lockers, the rental process provider will usually replace them at no charge. If you wish to upgrade your lockers to better quality, you may do so at your own expense. Self-storage units come with professional, experienced managers who can help you with the various aspects of the rental process, including choosing a good location for your Self Storage facility.

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