Selecting Cricket Shoes

Cricket shoes are specially designed shoes that are worn by cricketers during their active games. Generally, there are two types of cricket shoes: for batsmen and four bowlers. However, there are numerous other considerations for choosing cricket shoes. Western Sports Centre Cricket shoes play a major role in the sport as a wrong selection can affect ball-hitting, ungripfitted shoes can affect balance, which can result in miss catching, moreover, shoes also play a significant part…

5 Tips Before Buying Cricket Shoes - Inspiring MeMe®

Before shopping for the shoes, it is essential to have basic knowledge on cricket shoes and its features. These include fit, design, color, material used and much more. It is always recommended to buy your shoes from a reputed sports store or brand. Selecting the best cricket shoes requires a lot of patience and time. One can visit a variety of websites and compare shoes and their prices to select the best. Here is a quick checklist that will help you in finding the best pair of bowling shoes:

Material: It is essential to know the material that is being used to manufacture your cricket shoes because this will help you to differentiate between a good grip and a bad grip. Cricket shoes made using synthetic materials tend to grip easily while those made using natural material tend to be more slippery. Cricket shoes made using synthetic material are preferred more often when it comes to wet weather conditions because they can resist moisture and provide good grip even in such weather conditions. However, synthetic material won’t last long if taken lightly and are only good for wet weather conditions. For normal conditions, one can choose natural material cricket shoes that last long.

Durability: Any cricket player would want his or her shoes to offer maximum comfort, maximum performance, and maximum durability. Therefore, a cricket player needs to buy shoes that have maximum protection against any sort of wear and tear. Today, cricket players can find shoes that offer maximum comfort along with good traction. Apart from enhancing their comfort level, good Cricket shoes also provide good support to the ankle, feet and legs. These shoes have built-in air space between the heel and the toes and therefore, these shoes tend to be very breathable, which helps in providing extra support to ankles and legs.

Stability: While playing all types of cricket games, especially in Tests and limited overs, it is impossible for any player to achieve perfect balance, equilibrium and control. A bowler’s success mainly depends on his ability to control the ball, after which control is transferred to hands and feet. Right cricket shoes helps in providing perfect balance and control and thus is very important while playing. It is always better to go for bowling shoes than regular running shoes as they are specially designed to offer maximum stability and support to the foot and ankle.

Comfort: For a perfect control and stability during the bowling action, the player needs to purchase comfortable and well-fitted cricket shoes. One should try to find a pair of shoes that fits properly and that does not restrict his movements while on the field. One should choose a lighter weight bowling shoe as compared to other heavy weight shoes, as the former helps to add pace to one’s step and take away the fatigue from the feet and legs. Cricket shoes with uppers made of suede or wool are best suited for better grip on the turf. Besides, bowling shoes with rubber soles have become a popular choice with players as they help one to take lateral steps without sliding at the base of the bowlers’ shoe.

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