Top 6 SEO Tools for Central Coast Businesses

The Central Coast region in New South Wales is a terrific combination of commercial and recreation hubs. While it has sandy & expansive beaches found in Terrigal and Avoca Beach, the city of Gosford serves as the primary commercial hub. The Central Coast’s urban area is now the third-largest in New South Wales, thanks to its population growing at an annual rate of 1%. Due to its proximity to Sydney and Newcastle, there is a tremendous potential for commerce and business. This has led to a huge number of businesses cropping up in the region, both small and large.

Specific SEO Central Coast information here:

SEO is crucial for modern Central Coast businesses. It is not easy to drive traffic towards your website if you are not leveraging the power of SEO. Businesses need to target their audience with the implementation of the right strategies. They also need to analyse their competitors and track their rankings. Content marketing, monitoring traffic, and identification of technical problems require the best use of optimization tools.

Here are some of the best SEO tools that Central Coast businesses can use to optimize their website performance and monitor their search engine rankings.  

1.    Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides business owners with essential analysis data about their marketing efforts and highlights what they’re missing out on. This information allows businesses to make improvements in their tactics to derive better results. This free tool will help you drive more organic traffic and increase sales conversions.

If you want to analyse the visitors’ behaviour on your site, Google Analytics would be a great option. You can redesign your website or revise your strategies based on the abundant information provided to you by the tool.  

2.    SEMRush

Semrush is one of the most popular SEO tools for Central Coast businesses. They can rely on it to create and optimize their content. What Semrush does well is that it allows businesses to identify the kind of content being consumed by their target audience and that what is lacking on your website. Access profitable keywords and identify the newest trends emerging in your business niche using this incredible SEO tool.  

3.    Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the most preferred SEO tools available in the market. It is used by content creators and web developers around the world to grow their online presence. The tool boasts the most extensive backlink index with over 16 trillion backlinks and 295 billion indexed pages. This is the tool you need if you are serious about increasing traffic towards your business website and secure better rankings.

Ahrefs provides all the tools you require to boost your online presence. The central dashboard offers an overview of your site’s traffic, ranking, backlinking, and more without being cluttered. It also boasts numerous powerful features that set it apart from the rest.

4.    SpyFu

SpyFu is a search analytics company that scrapes the web for data that can be used to identify keywords that businesses purchase from Google AdWords. It also matches search results with the search terms so that companies better understand the kinds of searches and strings of words that appear in search results. The tool also allows you to spy on your competitors and helps you uncover the exact keywords they are purchasing. Such a distinct advantage will help Central Coast businesses stay ahead of their competitors and attract more traffic to their own sites.  

5.  SEO Spider

The SEO Spider tool has been in use since 2010. Its most attractive feature is that it allows businesses to perform a quick search of URLs and crawl through your site to look for broken pages. This saves the trouble of manually clicking on each link to rule out ‘404 errors’. This tool also allows you to check for pages with duplicated meta tags, title tags, tags of the wrong length, as well as check for the number of links placed on each page.

6.    Google Optimize

SEO is not just about rankings. Google Optimize helps you achieve the right balance of content and optimization efforts that keep your visitors engaged and drive conversions. It also allows you to test the variants of web pages to see how well they are performing against an objective. It monitors the results of your experiments and tells which one is the best performer saving you a ton of manual work.

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