Choosing Baby Jogger Replacement Parts

Today, there are more baby jogging strollers on the market than ever before. They offer the same features as the older styles, but some companies have taken to producing more technologically advanced jogging strollers, while keeping the older models available. Whether you need a Baby Jogger pram for fun or for exercise, there are many Baby Jogger replacement parts on the market. Just a few examples include the following:

baby jogger replacement parts

o Baby Jogger Breeze Complete – The baby jogger Breeze Complete offers some great options. For example, you can choose from three different sizes and one of the sizes comes with a carry handle. This makes it very easy to move the stroller around, even when loaded down with items. Additionally, the baby jogger Breeze Complete includes a storage container. The Breeze Complete parts also have an extra adjustable harness strap and a fabric canopy.

o Baby Jogger Breeze SL – This model is very similar to the Breeze Complete, offering most of the same features. However, the slant on this model allows it to be more upright, which provides a more comfortable ride. Some models, such as the Baby Jogger Breeze SL Stroller, have a three-point harness strap for a better fit and comfort. Plus, most of these models include a carrying handle bar.

o Baby Jogger Trane Pro – Some baby joggers come with a trampoline attachment. You can also find a baby jogger with a stationary frame. The baby jogger Trane Pro, however, is the most expensive of all the models. While it does include a trampoline, the frame can be adjusted, allowing you to have different levels. A five-point harness holds the frame in place, which is adjustable for your own comfort.

o Baby Jogger Breeze – The baby jogger Breeze models vary slightly from the original jogging strollers. Most models have an infant seat, which makes them great for newborns. Some have added convenience features such as cup holders and a footrest. These models are also available with a rain cover or umbrella. Most models only come in black.

These are some of the more popular models offered by Baby Jogger. Keep in mind that most of these are only made to work with one specific brand of jogger. Keep your specific brand in mind when looking for parts and you should be able to find what you need. You may need to look online to find compatible parts.