Are Dual Coloured uPVC Windows More Expensive?

Dual Coloured uPVC windows have a frame with a different colour on the inside to match the style of the interior of your house. They are popular with modern homeowners as they give the rooms in your home a contemporary look. Grey is one of the most popular colours, which gives a modern and stylish look. Light grey and dark grey are both great choices. The traditional brown is another popular colour that matches almost every home. You can also get a window from a Therma Glaze WA.

Foil coloured uPVC windows cost more

Foil coloured uPVC windows are more expensive than their white counterparts, as they require a more complex manufacturing process. The process also requires additional colour foil, which can increase the cost. White uPVC windows, on the other hand, do not require additional colour foil. Other materials, such as wood and aluminium, can also increase the price.

While the white colour is a common option, there are a variety of other colours available for your windows. A common option is the white colour, which complements all architectural styles and is the least expensive. Most uPVC windows are originally white in colour, but today you can select from a variety of different shades and finishes. The colour is achieved by applying a special laminated foil to the frame, which makes the colour visible on both sides.

Spray-painted uPVC windows cost more

If you’re considering updating the look of your property, spray-painted uPVC windows can add a new lease on life to your uPVC windows. This method of renovation is becoming increasingly popular throughout the country. Not only does it improve the look of a property, it also adds to its curb appeal.

Compared to white uPVC windows, coloured uPVC windows will typically cost about 20% to 30% more. However, this may vary between brands and models. This is because the cost of solid colours can be considerably higher than that of surface colours. This is because solid colours require a higher level of pigmentation during the manufacturing process.

Aluminium framed uPVC windows cost more

Aluminium framed uPVC windows cost a bit more than uPVC windows but will last longer and offer superior insulation. As a result, they’re better for soundproofing, although double glazing will also make a difference. Aluminium-framed windows also look sleeker, which is great for modern homes. Plus, they’re easier to maintain, meaning they don’t need to be painted or treated with special cleaning solutions.

As uPVC is cheaper than aluminium, the uPVC windows can save you money. You don’t need to paint them to achieve this look, and the uPVC material is resistant to the corrosive effects of heat and cold. This makes them a good choice for those concerned about the appearance of their windows. In addition, they don’t require any special maintenance – just the occasional wipe-down.